From the standard "COZUN series" of BARNS, the new [BIG COZUN LOOSE T-SHIRT] appeared in a new silhouette and color.

Compared to BARNS' long-standing standard T-shirt, the 【BOTH V GAZETTE T】, this piece is wider and simpler, and constructed with minimalist specifications.

Introducing the modern details of the newly introduced [BIG COZUN LOOSE T-SHIRT] compared to the [Double-V Gusset Crew Neck T-Shirt].

-- FRONT --
Plain crew neck design without gussets. The slightly thicker neck width gives the garment a sense of presence even when worn alone, while the simpler size allows the wearer to enjoy a more relaxed feel.

-- stitchwork --
Minimalistic and simple sewing is used instead of flat seaming, which has a strong presence. Since the stitches do not show, it can be worn in any style.

-- sewing --
The garment is constructed with modern sewing without decorative stitches. The gusset T's characteristic round body has a limit to the size of the tube, making wide-size development impossible. Therefore, the fabric is made with the same toughness as the gusset T, and the wide size is realized with side seams. You can feel a different quality from the gusset T.

Minimalistic, never boring, tough and dependable, this is a recommended piece for this season. You can order it from the following link.

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Crew neck T-shirt with double V-gusset
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