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BIG BUCKLE BELT "Tochigi leather"

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    While using high-quality Tochigi leather and a heavy zinc buckle, the high cost performance of this item is unique to BARNS, which has continued to work with the factory for many years.


    Extra-thick leather with presence buckle and craftsmanship

    The combination of thick Tochigi leather and a heavy buckle gives it a luxurious finish. Each piece is carefully tanned by skilled craftsmen, and you can look forward to the aging process.

    This basic belt is 4 cm wide and can be used with any style. It is also attractive for its ease of use with any bottom.

    The shoulder leather (shoulder part) has a unique texture and wrinkle. No two pieces of leather have the same pattern, making it unique. You can develop your own unique leather. The thickness of the leather is 4mm to 5mm, so it is very thick and can be used tough.
    ※Patterns are not available.

    BLACK / CHOCO (From top.)


    inch 最短 最長
    0 26" to 28 71cm 86cm
    1 28" to 30 76cm 90cm
    2 32" to 34 80cm 95cm
    3 36" to 38 86cm 100cm

    QUALITY Cowhide/Zinc
    NUMBER le-4168