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NORTH WORKS Drunken Smile Coin Ring

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    A playful design with a "drunken" smiley face reminiscent of a certain band.

    A vintage coin, no longer in use today, is cut out by a skilled craftsman into a drapery smile and pasted onto a silver ring, each piece is made by hand, giving it a unique face and allowing the wearer to feel the warmth of the craftsman and the timelessness of the materials that will not fade over the years.

    Bronze: Indian Head Penny Bronze Coin Silver: Roosevelt Dime

    ©HARVEY BALL *This item is manufactured as an authorized Smile product of the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation, USA.


    The number of real coins that can be purchased is decreasing every year, and there is no telling when they will no longer be available for production.

    The more it is used, the more expressive the finish becomes.

    This item works well in any season and is a great gift idea.

    With the beauty of materials collected from all over the world, with vintage American coins at the core, incorporated into basic designs, the company continues to produce unchanging products by hand.

    The coins used are vintage and antique items that have been manufactured for many years. Therefore, they may have wear and tear due to age, and each coin will be in a different condition.
    Please note that the year of issue cannot be selected.

    Handling of accessories
    Depending on your constitution, itching or rashes may occur.
    If you have any skin problems, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.
    Please note that the product and the product image may differ slightly depending on the year of coin manufacture.



    width thick topsoil sea bilberry weight
    19.0mm 2.6mm 1.8mm 17.0g

    QUALITY Coin / Ring: SILVER 900
    NUMBER br-8450