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【New Color】“STANDARD” TSURIAMI Pullover Hoodie BR-4932N

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    New color "GREEN" is now available.

    One of the indispensable items supporting BARNS OUTFITTERS products. This standard pullover hoodie is based on an original fabric woven on a hang knitting machine and given a unique arrangement. This year, a deep green color is introduced as a new color. An easy-to-use piece with a sense of security, without being too assertive.



    Everyday wear that blends in with daily life.

    Original hang-knit fabric is produced in collaboration with a knitting artisan. The key to comfort is the "softness" characteristic of the hang-knit fabric and the "firmness" of the wooden-framed fabric.
    The design is timeless and allows you to directly enjoy the comfort of wearing. The round body (one-piece tailoring with no side stripping), which is the original goodness of the fabric, is characterized by its clean appearance.


    The hoodie is completed with raglan sleeves for comfort and ease of use as an inner layer for your outerwear, regardless of genre.

    The result of our research into a design and pattern that blends in simply and never gets old, is a three-dimensional silhouette and resilience that gives the hood a "stand-up" look that sets it apart from other parkas.


    The sewing is done with a 4-needle sewing machine, using the skills of a trusted craftsman to create a more stylish piece with strength and flat seams. "Attention to detail" The size of the gusset is adjusted millimeter by millimeter for each size, considering the balance. The overall sense of balance is a simple, minimalist item that everyone who wears it will be satisfied with.




    cm Sleeve
    Width Length
    M 82 49 66
    L 85 53 69

    ※There is a case that it may be around 1 to 3cm due to the characteristics of the knitting machine.

    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-4932N
    MADE Japan