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【Renewal】 Heavy Thermal Tough Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt BR-3080

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    "A hidden masterpiece has been renewed and re-released."

    The heavy thermal item that boasts deep-rooted popularity as a hidden masterpiece has been renewed and re-released. The neck has been changed to a double-bound tough neck, making it a tougher piece that is less prone to stretching. Although thermals are usually used as innerwear, BARNS OUTFITTERS has created a thicker fabric that is comfortable to wear and can be enjoyed simply as a single piece.


    "Renewed for tougher details"

    This is a piece that truly symbolizes American casual, with a moderately firm, thick, and comfortable fabric and a vintage-like finish that is hard to lose its shape and stretch. The ridge knitting milling was sewn around the neck and sleeves, but the neck was changed to a double-bound tough neck and the cuffs were made with double milling to emphasize the toughness and resistance to stretching.

    The "empty rings" that are sewn at the left and right hem sides and cuffs are also vintage details that were commonplace in the sewing machines of the time. It is said to have been used to streamline and simplify production in the era of mass production, but nowadays it is a luxurious specification that requires a lot of skill and effort to reproduce the techniques of the time.

    The flat seamer sewing process, a well-known feature of BARNS OUTFITTERS, reduces stress on the skin, making this a one-of-a-kind thermal that is also easy to wear.

    Thermals made of waffle fabric with an uneven surface are used as a standard item in American casual, military, and outdoor clothing. When worn, the uneven surface of the fabric creates a layer of air to keep the wearer warm, making it functional.


    cm Width Length Breadth Sleeve
    S 43 62 41 56
    M 46 65 43 58
    L 49 68 45 60

    COLOR Natural / Grey / Black
    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-3080
    MADE Japan
    Category: NEW ARRIVAL, T-SHIRT