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【23AW New Color】【pigment dyeing】Henry Neck Long T-shirt

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    The T-shirt features an atmospheric coloring that expresses a vintage sweatshirt-like fade. The more you wear this T-shirt, the more you can expect it to change over time. This season, a deep burgundy color and a multi-tonal ice gray that can be worn year-round are available.

    “Firm, dry texture and simple design”

    SLATE / LEMON Available in two colors.

    The "COZUN series" began with the development of fabrics that could withstand the flat seamer process, which sews without layering fabrics, and these T-shirts can be used for a long time with a sense of attachment as the fabric becomes familiar to the body.

    「Our Cozun knitting method」
    This method utilizes a small-size knitting machine modeled after the traditional loopwheel machines used during the Taisho-era (1912-1926). This machine operates at a much more moderate speed and at a far lower degree of tension compared to its modern counterparts. This is a truly premium knitting machine, of which only a few exist in the world, which we use to create our supremely soft knit garments.


    "Classic Detail"

    This model began with the development of a fabric that could withstand flat seamer sewing, and has now become a staple for all seasons. A simple piece that allows you to enjoy the charm of Barnes to the fullest.

    One of Barnes' two spring/summer staples, this henley-neck tee is packed with attention to detail, not only in the flat seamer sewing, but also in every single classic button.

    This is a particular gem that uses a thick textile and incorporates a classical texture with a modern pattern.

    The round body with no seams on the sides provides a clean look and stress-free comfort.



    cm shoulder
    Width Length Sleeve
    M 42cm 49cm 63cm 20cm
    L 45cm 52cm 65cm 21cm
    XL 48cm 55cm 67cm 22cm

    NUMBER BR-3044PG
    made JAPAN
    Category: NEW ARRIVAL, T-SHIRT