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【Limited color on the official website】“STANDARD” Cozun Hoodie BR-3007

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    "Firm, dry texture and simple design."

    Smaller size knitting for heavyweight fabrics, flat seamer with U.S. sewing machines, and more. These classic items are produced using Barnes' unique production process.

    The "COZUN series," which began with the development of fabrics that could withstand flat seaming without overlapping, can be used for a long time with affection as the fabric becomes familiar to the body.

    「Our Cozun knitting method」

    This method utilizes a small-size knitting machine modeled after the traditional loopwheel machines used during the Taisho-era (1912-1926). This machine operates at a much more moderate speed and at a far lower degree of tension compared to its modern counterparts. This is a truly premium knitting machine, of which only a few exist in the world, which we use to create our supremely soft knit garments.


    "【SUPER BLACK】is now available exclusively on the official website."

    One of the essential items in supporting BARNS OUTFITTERS products. The soft comfort of a conventional circular knitting machine and the firmness of the fabric are combined with the design of a vintage pullover. This time, 【SUPER BLACK】will appear as a limited color on the official website. It is a jet-black color different from the black, also called "Sumikuro," which has a faded look and feel that is a standard item.



    "Classic fit"

    The rounded body, created by a single tubular knitting technique with no seams, allows for a clean look and stress-free comfort. The ribs are dyed completely black, just as the name "Super Black" implies.

    The flat seams ensure that there is no crease against the skin, and of course, they are comfortable to wear. The parts that give the item its expression are sewn on a 60's sewing machine known as the "Union Special". The "random nep" that can only be produced by an old-style sewing machine is also a characteristic detail.

    As a result of researching a design and pattern that is simple, blends in, and never gets boring, a three-dimensional silhouette and stiffness create a "standing" hood, giving it a presence that sets it apart from other hoodies.

    A fabric that plays a leading role in fall and winter, with a raised back.



    cm Breadth Width Length Sleeve
    M 45 52 66 61
    L 47 56 68 63

    *Please note that the length may vary by 1 to 3 cm due to the characteristics of the knitting machine.

    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-3007
    MADE Japan