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【Pigment Dye】Tube S/S Print T-shirt【NYC Big Apple】BR-24245

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    "Vintage-like T-shirt"

    One of the most common features of vintage T-shirts is called "Marudo", which has no seams on the sides. This was because it was suitable for mass production as there was no need to sew the sides, and most of the American-made T-shirts of the time were of the "Marudo (round body) = TUBE" specification. In order to reproduce the items of those days, the "TUBE T-shirt" series, which expresses a faded look by pigment dyeing and the specifications of the round-body, has appeared again this year. The design is based on the motif of New York's souvenir items known by the nickname "Big Apple.


    "New York City's most famous nickname, The Big Apple"

    Surprisingly, there are several theories as to the origin of the nickname "The Big Apple" in New York City, but the origin of the nickname is still unclear. It is widely believed to have been popularized by John J. Fitzgerald, a sportswriter for the New York Morning Telegraph in the 1920s. These nicknames are incorporated into T-shirts inspired by souvenir items. While the T-shirts are printed in a simple one-print version, white is washed out, black has a semi-rubber print, and dusty green and persimmon are printed with an impregnated print.

    The moderately roomy size is well balanced and can be worn alone or with a shirt or cardigan. It is a piece that can be worn in a variety of styles.

    The fabric is made without any seams on the sides, called "Marudo", and is used as it is. The tubular body is soft against the skin and allows for stress-free wearing.

    In order to reproduce the American-made T-shirts of the time, we were particular in selecting a fabric that is dry and crisp. Pigment dyeing was also applied to reproduce the faded look characteristic of old clothes.



    cm Body
    Length Shoulder
    M 53 66 46 20
    L 56 69 48 21
    XL 59 72 50 22

    COLOR White / Black / Dusty Green / Persimmon
    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-24245
    MADE Japan
    Category: 24SS, NEW ARRIVAL, T-SHIRT