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Keyneck Loose Fit Concho T-shirt【Amossa】BR-24221

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    "Just right summer knit"

    This lightweight and comfortable knit T-shirt made of recycled polyester yarn will bring a change to your summer styling. Knitted in a bird's eye pattern, a standard for vintage knitwear, this item is perfect for spring and summer, with a cotton-like feel and quick-drying properties despite the polyester yarn.

    A knitting pattern in which dots like bird's eyes are neatly lined up. The uneven look, also known as "deformed fawn knitting" is easy on the skin and can be worn comfortably even in summer.


    "Mini conchos shine in a relaxed silhouette"

    This is a brushed-up piece inspired by 50's military mock neck. The overall silhouette is loose and relaxed, but still fits well to the body. The mini conchos on the neck are discreet, but show their presence, and are recommended for a luxurious and relaxed style.

    The relaxed silhouette is loose and moderately balanced, and can be worn casually while concealing the body shape.

    The mini conchos attached to the key neck are just the right accent without being too assertive.

    The cuffs are knitted in a different way to give the sleeves a relaxed feel without tightness.

    This item is extremely lightweight and stretchy by using a special twisted polyester yarn called "Amossa". The material is knitted with an uneven bird's-eye pattern, which reduces the surface of the fabric against the skin and provides a lightweight texture and excellent breathability.



    cm Body
    Length Shoulder
    M 57 71 46 22.5
    L 59 73 48 23

    COLOR Charcoal / Khaki
    QUALITY Polyester 100%
    NUMBER BR-24221
    ORIGIN Japan
    Category: 24SS, NEW ARRIVAL, T-SHIRT