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"TSURIAMI" S/S Print T-shirt 【Wake Island】 BR-24171

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    "Restaurants on the small island of Wake"

    This piece is inspired by a souvenir item from an iconic restaurant on Wake Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, where a marlin nicknamed Mikey is nicknamed "Mikey." The print is applied to the BARNS OUTFITTERS spring/summer staple, a hanged T-shirt.

    This item is carefully sewn by skilled craftsmen in Japan from airy, soft, and firm hang-knit fabric. The fabric made of hang-knit fabric has a moderate fit, and is outstanding in terms of both elasticity and texture.



    "We want to provide the best T-shirts that are used all year round and that we are truly committed to."

    The neck is a binder neck, which is sewn across the body as seen in vintage models. This is a specification for excellent elasticity and durability, and to be used for many years.

    By making the size regular, the characteristics of the hang-knit fabric can be felt to the maximum extent, achieving an eternal standard that is not affected by time.

    A hang knitting machine is a machine that knits fabric in a tubular shape. Therefore, the fabric is knitted without any joints on the sides, called "Marudo", and is used as it is. The body is finished in a tubular shape, making it difficult to adjust the size, so the "sleeve attachment angle, sleeve width, and the line that follows the body from the shoulder area to the second arm are adjusted, and the width of the sleeves is fine-tuned. This created a universal silhouette, but with sizing that looks good as a single piece of clothing. While adopting a vintage-like design, the universal silhouette makes it an easy-to-wear piece for both in and out.

    Uneven yarns made from rice cotton are used, which have more fluff than ordinary yarns to retain a dry, crisp texture. The softness and rough texture are created by knitting the fabric slowly so that the yarn contains air.



    cm Shoulder
    Length Sleeve
    M 43.5 47 66 20
    L 45 50 68 21
    XL 46.5 53 70 22
    *Due to the characteristics of the hang knitting machine, there may be an error of 1 to 3 cm depending on the product.

    COLOR White / Grey / Blue Grey
    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-24171
    MADE Japan