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【"Bandana"+"sack"="Bansac"】Bansac Special BR-24160

White / 10
S.Black / 19-1
L. Green / 44
Red / 65
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    ”A simple shopping bag you can always keep it in your pocket.

    Fold it up and it's a bandana, unfold it and it's a bag, and the name is "Bansac". The bandana you always carry in your pocket turns into a simple bag when you suddenly find yourself without a shopping bag, such as at a convenience store or when you unexpectedly find an item you have been wanting. This item is a perfect match with the BIG COZUN LOOSE TEE.


    "In your pocket like a handkerchief"

    The bandana in your pocket can be transformed into a shopping bag in case of emergency. The 100% cotton material can also be used as a handkerchief. It is small enough to fit in a pants pocket, so you can always keep it in your pocket in case of emergencies.

    This item is small in size (H37cm x W24cm), yet has excellent storage capacity for two 500 ml plastic bottles.

    The handle is designed not to spoil the bandana feel. The BANSAC logo on the side is a little accent.

    HAV-A-HANK bandanas are used.

    The print pattern of the BIG COZUN LOOSE TEE is incorporated into the original badge.

    【What is BANSAC?】
    Annual consumption of 30 billion bags, or about 241 bags per person. This is the consumption of convenience store bags in Japan. Most of the 30 billion bags end up in the garbage. Convenience store bags will be charged for in July 2020. Although it has only just started, it is sure to lead to a considerable reduction in waste.


    COLOR White / Super Black / Light Green / Red
    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-24160
    MADE Japan