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    The "essential outerwear for three seasons" was born from a planning meeting.

    This item was born from a discussion among BARNS members as part of the "Essential Outerwear" YouTube project. This is a highly versatile piece, suitable for three seasons, made of a smooth material blended with Japanese paper.


    【BLACK】 The slightly frayed coloring makes it easy to wear. Lined with a zebra pattern<KHAKI×BLACK>. The compact collar is chic and not too casual.

    Three-dimensional sleeves with a curve different from the usual raglan. The wide size is set to create a beautiful silhouette.

    Slashed sleeves for windproofing and a classic look.

    Side pockets can be stowed according to scene or mood. This specification is only possible because of handcrafting by skilled craftsmen.

    The lining is a zebra pattern, which makes a big impact, in contrast to the calm colors of the outer fabric. The calm coloring makes it ideal for accentuating your coordination.

    Attached chinstrap allows exposure of the zebra pattern in the lining. It is useful as an inner layer for coats in winter.

    Equipped with an inside pocket, it is of course also convenient.

    The cuffs are lined with a lining used for coats. The fine detailing is an excellent specification that allows a glimpse of the chic side of the garment.

    Washi paper and cotton are used to create a smooth, high quality fabric. <Exquisite material that can be used in three seasons (spring, fall, and winter). It can be worn as a coat inner or inner knit in the coming season. This is a piece that will surely play an active role as the main outerwear in the fall and spring.

    【KHAKI】The smoky coloring gives it a mature look. The lining has a zebra pattern <NAVY×GREY>.






    cm Width Length Sleeve
    M 59 64 74 7
    L 61 65 77 7

    QUALITY Cotton 67%
    Japanese paper 33%
    NUMBER BR-214B
    MADE Japan


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