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"STANDARD" Tough neck S/S T-shirt 【NEVADA】 BR-24289

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    "A daily-use piece designed to last"

    The "Tough Neck" series has been very popular since its introduction based on the concept of "neck stretch resistance" and "long durability". The moderately thick and uneven fabric is a perfect piece for the coming hot season. The UFO motif that was very popular in the TUBE T-shirt series has been rewritten to fit the body as a spot project for midsummer from the "tough" items that symbolize BARNS OUTFITTERS.

    The body fabric and milling are rolled into a whorl like a trumpet, enabling a double binder to be sewn 360 degrees around the body. Because of the special specifications, veteran craftsmen sew each item carefully one by one.


    "Commonly known as Tough Neck"

    The double binder is sewn around 360 degrees to accentuate the appearance and create an ideal piece that is tough and will not sag, as is typical of BARNS OUTFITTERS.

    Rachel, Nevada, known as the City of UFOs, is located about 200 km from Las Vegas. This mysterious city is home to the Homme Airport, also known as Area 51, where the UFO that crashed in the Roswell Incident in July 1947 is said to have been brought in. It is said that stealth aircraft and other highly secretive weapons are being tested at Homme Airport, and there are endless speculations that a crashed UFO was brought in to conduct joint research with an alien called "Gray. The design is based on the image of such a town.

    With a relaxed body width and a slightly shorter box silhouette length, this item is packed with what BARNS OUTFITTERS considers to be the latest style.

    The use of a crisp, dry textured fabric creates a roughness and stiffness in a good sense, and is clad in the American air that is typical of BARNS OUTFITTERS.



    cm 身幅 着丈 肩幅 袖丈
    M 54
    L 57
    50 24
    XL 60 74 52


    COLOR White / Grey / Black / Yellow
    QUALITY Cotton 100%
    NUMBER BR-24289
    ORIGIN Japan
    Category: 24AW, NEW ARRIVAL, T-SHIRT