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“WIDE Suspension Lining” Crew Neck Sweatshirt【PENN STATE】

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    Wide suspension knit sweatshirt with round body

    This is a special item, made to order in a size that is normally not possible with suspension knitting, and is now available in a "WIDE Suspension Lined Sweatshirt", which is wider than the BARNS standard suspension lined sweatshirt, with fine gauge adjustment.

    Tasteful college graphics [PENN STATE = Pennsylvania] are impressive.

    The softness and firmness of the hang-knit fabric, combined with the wide size, allows the wearer to enjoy a relaxed fit as if their body is being wrapped around it.

    "The superb comfort of the hang-knit fabric is retained."

    BARNS original hang-knit fabric. The softness unique to this fabric and the stiffness of the wooden-framed fabric are the key to comfort. The fabric is firm, yet it is a material that your body can get used to wearing.

    "The ribbed design is also tough."

    The tight ribbing provides a kickback that allows the fabric to return to its original shape, making it stretchy and dependable.

    This is a hang knitting machine that has been in existence since the Taisho era (1912-1926). It is characterized by a soft texture that cannot be achieved with today's high-speed machines. The name "hanging knitting machine" comes from the fact that the fabric is knitted into a cylindrical shape while being suspended from the ceiling and rotated. The knitting speed is about 1/20th that of the latest high-speed machines, and only one meter can be knitted per hour. The natural weight of the fabric causes it to hang down, which allows it to contain plenty of air and give it a fluffy, hand-knit texture.

    The original quality of the fabric is the round body (one-piece tailoring with no side stripping), which gives a sleek appearance even in wide sizes.



    cm dress length width of a garment shoulder width height of a sleeve
    M 66 54 52 54
    L 68 56 54 58
    XL 71 60 56 60

    *Because we use old-style knitting machines that have remained from the Taisho era (1912-1926), there will be a difference of 1 to 3 cm in the finished product. Please understand this in advance.

    NUMBER BR-23120
    made JAPAN